People enjoying a meal at Provender Hall

A Texas Brasserie &
Smokehouse in Mule Alley

Provender Hall, a hat-tip to the area’s cattle-centric history, authentically blends itself to the cow-town community in the Stockyards’ Mule Alley development. This lively, two-story lofted space mirrors the rustic south with its’ rehabbed wood-and-brick accents, flanked by period details such as two catwalks that overlook the first floor.

We believe patrons are served best when you serve every sense. Entrees served at Provender have a focus on the element of smoke, elevated by the open kitchen’s J&R smoker and J&R wood-burning grill. By serving every sense, our concept commands patrons to kick back, relax, and engage in a world-class dining experience.

Table full of food at Provender Hall
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People cheersing over a dinner table
Shot of people enjoying dinner at Provender Hall
Shot of people enjoying dinner at Provender Hall
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Woman in a red shirt and black cowboy hat being poured a glass of wine

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